About our group
Team ‘Fresh’ consists of Michał Rycaj and Łukasz Chwieduk. Each of them shines also individually both on the national and the international stage. Łukasz and Michał decided to participate in the competition actually on the day of the event. Therefore, they did not aim high and did not believe they would be able to succeed. They created their qualification round routine only 2 hours before the start! Strange though it may seem, they grabbed the second place, which means they defeated duos playing with each other for quite a lot of years!

Łukasz "Luki" Chwieduk

Łukasz Luki Chwieduk

He was born on 31 August 1993 in Miastko. At present, he lives in Kępice, where he studies at Adam Mickiewicz Secondary School in Słupsk. Łukasz is a member of Polish Freestyle Football Association and the honorable ambassador of Kępice. He took an interest in freestyle football 5 years ago, when he first watched tutorial videos of Psona and Lebioda, who are considered to be the precursors of freestyle football in Poland. Łukasz has revolutionised one of freestyle football styles, ‘upper’, turning it from easy and simple combinations to extremely hard moves pulled off at great speed flow. Now, his impact on other freestylers is noticeable and can be seen in the way they play ‘upper’. Current European Freestyle Football Champion, The Winner Of Polish Red Bull Street Style 2009 in Warsaw

Michał "Michryc" Rycaj

Michał Michryc Rycaj

He was born on 25 July 1990 in Zamość. Now, he lives in Jarosławiec, near Zamość. Michał studies Recreation and Tourism at The State Higher School of Vocational Education in Zamość (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa im. Szymona Szymonowica w Zamościu). He is a member on Polish Freestyle Football Association. He took an interest in freestyle football 6 years ago, when he first watched tutorial videos of Psona and Lebioda, who are considered to be the precursors of freestyle football in Poland). He has created his own, unique style. Thanks to his remarkable ability of creative thinking, he started a new era of inventing new, previously impossible to pull, freestyle combinations. World Freestyle Football Championships Bronze Medal Holder, The Winner of The National UEFA Grassroots Freestyle Football Tournament in Warsaw

‘Fresh’ have performed in front of many large audiences, such as:

  1. Eid al-Fitr festival, where the Youth and Sports Minister of Malaysia was present
  2. The Prime Minister Donald Tusk Cup, Warsaw
  3. Press conference preceding WFFC Kuala Lumpur
  4. Canon press conference at Pepsi Arena, Warsaw
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